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July 23, 2016
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The way we go about scattering the ashes of our loved ones after they are cremated either helps them in the afterlife or obstructs their onward journey. Spiritual research conducted has shown that immersing ashes in water alone can benefit our ancestors. This article also provides information on the reasons behind the spiritually correct methods to be adopted – right from the collection of ashes to its final disposal.

1. Introduction to scattering ashes

Nowadays there is an increasing trend of people choosing cremation over burial as a funeral rite. The funeral rite of cremation that takes place either on a funeral pyre or in a crematorium does not dispose off the body totally. The remains are commonly known as ashes and are handed back to the family in an urn. The entire process from receiving the ashes to the scattering of the ashes is important from a spiritual point of view. Depending on the process adopted, we can either help our departed loved one to move on in their afterlife or we may be instrumental in their remaining earthbound. However the surviving relatives who receive the ashes in a cremation urn are generally unaware of the spiritually correct way of scattering the ashes.

In the article on, ‘What is the spiritual perspective on cremation, burial and body consumed by vultures?’ we described how the corpse could be attacked by ghosts, thus impeding the progress of a subtle-body after death. The ashes after cremation represent the last vestiges of the person. The ashes therefore have the same frequencies as that of the departed ancestor.

We know that we can medically identify a decomposed body that is beyond recognition by techniques such as DNA testing etc. because even a small remnant of a tooth or hair matches exactly to the person. Similarly at a subtler, intangible level the smallest remnant of the corpse, even in the ashes has the same frequencies and vibrations as the person.

These frequencies are generally negative in nature. As 50% of the population is below 30% spiritual level, the frequencies emanating from the body are the subtle basic frequencies. Also as 100% of the population is affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) the frequencies emanating from the body and ashes are of the variety. As a result, they are distressing to us at a subtle level.

Refer to the article – the three subtle basic components of sattva, raja and tama in relation to spiritual level.

There is also a subtle bond that exists between the ashes and the departed ancestor because of the similar frequencies. These frequencies and subtle bond can be used by ghosts to create obstacles in the subtle body’s journey after death. By creating obstacles in the onward journey in the afterlife, ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) capture and then end up controlling the subtle body. This enables them to trouble the subtle body or make it do many undesirable acts as per their bidding, like troubling others. In almost all cases where the ancestor is earthbound they end up troubling their descendents.

In this article, we present the spiritual research undertaken to identify the spiritually most beneficial method to be adopted from the time the cremation ashes are received to the final scattering of the ashes. The primary purpose is to help the departed ancestor move on in the afterlife with minimum negative impact on the surviving relatives.

2. Where should one keep the cremation urn until the ashes are scattered?

As explained above, the ashes of any person who is not a Saint is usually high in the subtle basic component. Any contact with it adds to the subtle basic component in us and can be a cause for distress. Hence it is advisable to scatter ashes immediately after collecting them. Bringing the ashes into the house also increases the attachment of the departed ancestor’s subtle body and makes it more earthbound instead of hastening its momentum in the afterlife.

If for some reason the scattering of ashes cannot be done immediately, the sealed urn is best kept outside the house, tied to a tree etc.

3. How long should we wait before scattering cremation ashes?

If the cremation was done on a funeral pyre the ashes are generally collected on the 3rd day. This is because it takes approximately three days for the embers to completely die down. If the cremation is done in a crematorium, the ashes are available the next day itself. Whatever the method of cremation the sooner one goes about scattering the ashes, the lesser is the negative impact of the Raja-Tama frequencies.

In some cases, relatives residing overseas who could not make it for the funeral want to be part of the ritual of scattering of ashes. Here too, one has to weigh the spiritual benefit to the ancestor and preventing distress to oneself by scattering the ashes immediately versus the emotional gratification of the relatives.

4.1 Immersion of ashes in water

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