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February 19, 2016
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Are You Planning to Scatter Cremation Ashes?

As cremation has become more popular as compared to burial, a lot of changes can be seen in the memorial industry. There is an increase in demand for cremation urns, jewelry for ashes, keepsakes and other memorials. At the same time people now prefer to scatter the ashes of a loved one as it is often regarded as a very unique experience. But you simply cannot scatter the ashes in any place of your choice. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow.

There are different ways to scatter cremation ashes. The most common options are by hand, by boat, and by airplane. Before deciding on the method it is advisable to have some information to avoid any kind of inconvenience at the last moment.

Characteristics of cremations ashes

First of all you need to have some idea about the characteristics of cremations ashes. Ashes are the particles that are left over after the completion of cremation process. Depending upon the process, these particles can vary in size and may include bones and metal objects. To know more about cremation ashes you can check this website

Packaging of ashes

Scattering urnsSecondly you need to have some idea about how the ashes are packed. After the cremation process, the ashes are handed over to the family members of the deceased in a plastic bag inside a temporary container or urn. The container is sealed properly and plastic bag is usually tied with a zip tie. For scattering the ashes you will have to open the container and get the plastic bag out of it carefully.

Choose the method

Now depending upon the method you choose to scatter the ashes, you need to understand the process. For instance if you wish to scatter ashes by hand, you need to choose the location first. At the same time you also need to buy an urn made especially for scattering so that the process becomes a little easier for you. You can buy such an urn from online companies like, ans so on. Fix a date and time for scattering the ashes. Upon reaching the destination, you need to open the urn and scatter the ashes.

In case you wish to scatter ashes by boat, you need to hire a boat for a few hours. Here you also need to buy a biodegradable urn designed for water burial. Such kind of urns are available at, and many more such companies. The main feature of these urns is when placed on the water body they will float for some time and then gradually sink in the water. It is good idea to hire a company how deals with scattering of ashes in water. This way the whole process can be carried out in a professional manner.

The third option that you can choose to scatter cremated remains is by airplane. Here the ashes are released into the wind and thus ashes cover a large area of land. During the whole process, family members can participate by being on board the airplane or watching the process from the ground.

Irrespective of which method you choose, it is important to know the laws. Depending upon where you reside there might be certain rules and regulations. You can talk to your funeral director in advance to know about the rules and then only choose a method.

Final Words:

Scattering cremation ashes can be a beautiful experience for the survivors if done in a proper manner. If done incorrectly, it can turn out to be a devastating experience. As you have limited ashes belonging to a deceased there cannot be any place for mistakes. So it is advisable to work with a professional who have adequate knowledge and experience on how to scatter ashes. This will help you to whole experience a memorable one.

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