Cremation Fireworks

March 30, 2017
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If you’ve lived your life with sparkle and flair, now you can soar into the great beyond with the same dazzling panache. Or if you’ve leaned more toward the quiet and unobtrusive, this could be your one last chance to shoot for the stars. What are we talking about? Cremation fireworks.

The rate of cremations in this country has skyrocketed, accompanied by several new ideas for dealing with cremated remains. Just when you thought you’d heard it all, along comes Angels Flight, an innovative company that provides a unique scattering service.

For fees starting at $4, 000, Angels Flight will pack your ashes into custom-made fireworks shells and send you off in a blaze of glory. Choose from land, shore, or ocean scattering locations all over California, and Angels Fire will provide a package of services that includes a brilliant display of 200 fireworks shells and all required licenses, insurance, permits and fees. Professional photography, catering, limo service, sound system, and the services of a minister or captain are also available for an additional charge.

Chan Kusalo cremation (04): fireworks
Chan Kusalo cremation (04): fireworks
Fireworks display among many options for cremated ashes
Fireworks display among many options for cremated ashes
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