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September 1, 2016
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AshdildoSex toys come in all shapes and sizes. But Netherlands-based designer Mark Sturkenboom is bringing his sex toy to a whole new level of weird.

The glass urn allows you to place your loved one's ashes inside — 21 grams of ashes, to be precise.

Sturkenboom is serious about how this object should be used. He suggests bringing nostalgic moments into the act, like your lover's perfume, and their favorite music, which will open " a window to go back to moments of love and intimacy."

The case has a scent diffuser and also functions as an amplifier. You can place your iPhone inside and let the music play through the 'forget me not' flowers on the sides of the box.

urndildo3The box has a lock, so no one else can sleep with your dead lover's ashes.

It just so happens that 21 grams is popularly (and erroneously) thought of as the weight of the soul when it leaves the body on death, according to experiments performed by a doctor at the beginning of the 20th century. It was later the name of a 2003 movie starring Sean Penn. But Sturkenboom doesn't seem to be referencing either of these cultural touchstones.

According to Metro, Sturkenboom dreamed up the sex toy after noticing that an old woman that he assists with her groceries, kept an urn containing the remains of her late husband. He felt that did not reflect the way she spoke so lovingly about him.

"In that same period I read an article about widows, taboos and sex and intimacy and then I thought to myself, 'can I combine these themes and make an object that is about love and missing and intimacy?'" Sturkenboom told Metro.

"Burn (One Love)" - Ash Ruiz ft. FreeWill
"Burn (One Love)" - Ash Ruiz ft. FreeWill
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