Spreading of ashes ceremony

April 24, 2016
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Remembering the scattered ashes of a loved one.

There are many ways you can remember your deceased loved one with an ashes scattering ceremony. The type of ceremony you choose depends on what you believe your loved one would have wanted. However, before you have the ceremony, contact the owner of the property where you want to scatter the ashes or contact local authorities for a public area, to ask for permission.

Types of Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

The following types of ashes scattering ceremonies, will make dispensing your loved one's ashes a memorial experience.

Ash Scattering Over Water

If you choose to scatter ashes over water, keep in mind that if you are in a boat, the wind may blow the ashes back against the boat or everyone on the boat. Test the wind and make sure that it's blowing away from the boat. A better idea is to buy a specially made scattering urn that is water soluble. You can drop this urn into the water, it will float for a few minutes and then sink. The urn dispenses the ashes slowly while under the water.

Scattering Ashes in a Ring

There are many ways to perform a ringing of ashes ceremony. You can choose a garden and scatter the ashes in a circle around the garden. Another idea is to choose a grave marker and scatter the ashes around it. The important thing here is to choose something that your loved one would have liked to surround.

Raking Ashes into the Ground

If your loved one was a gardener or a farmer, this is a wonderful ceremony. You can scatter the ashes on the ground and then rake it into the soil. This ensures that the ashes become one with the area you chose.

Releasing Ashes from a Plane

A professional in a private plane usually releases the ashes, since you want to make sure they fall in the right spot in the right way.

Trenching or Green Burial Ceremony

To have a trenching ceremony, dig a small hole in the ground, place ashes in it and then cover it with soil. You can decorate the area with candles or other mementos to remember your loved one.

A green burial is similar, you can make a hole in the ground and bury the ashes. You can also buy a biodegradable scattering urn for this ceremony. If you want to use a cemetery for this, make sure you ask for permission. You will also have to check with your local and state laws regarding green burials.

Creating the Perfect Memorial

Scattering the ashes of a deceased loved one is an emotional time. During the ceremony, it may help to have music playing or to discuss some of fond memories of the loved one. Releasing the ashes of your loved one has several meanings. It signifies the freedom your loved one has in the place that he/she would have liked to remain forever. It can also signify you letting go of your loved one. This is especially true if you choose to scatter the ashes over water or from a plane; envision your loved one going off into the sea or air in peace.

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