Things to do with human ashes

January 14, 2016
A pleased client shows off the

Actually, cattle cremains have been used in bone china since 1800, giving porcelain its strength and durability.

It is possible to see the ashes in most Art From Ashes pieces. In the sculptural pieces, some of the ashes can be seen through an optional viewing window in the bottom of the piece as a swirl of white dots/fragments. However it is unlikely that you will be able to see the ashes in the Phoenix Stone, Perfume Bottle or finial top of the Walking Stick because the ash is completely incorporated into the color and design of the piece. The ashes are visible in the Remembrance Beads as tiny white dots. Please let us know if you would prefer that the cremains not be visible so that we can advise the artist(s).

This is a frequently asked question and one that crematoriums also encounter. Just as a loved one's body is entrusted to a crematorium, so are those cremains entrusted to Art From Ashes. Everyone at Art From Ashes (including the artists) knows how important it is to respect and preserve the individual memory of your loved one. To guarantee your peace of mind, we have worked hard to create a system that ensures that accurately identified cremains are used in each piece.

After a piece is completed, only a small amount of ashes remain. We will be happy to return any unused cremains for an additional fee. Simply check this option on the order form. If you do not require that they be returned, Art From Ashes periodically scatters the remaining human cremains in a park-like cemetery and the animal cremains in a beautiful pet memorial park. Unused ashes are never discarded.

No, you only need to send us 1 teaspoon of the cremains for each remembrance. Once you place your order, you will be sent a Remembrance Kit which includes a sift-proof plastic bag and disposable spoon, as well as a labeled and stamped return envelope. Save the remaining cremains to make additional glass memorials in the future, or to bury or scatter, according to your municipal regulations.

Some people choose to combine a small amount of the cremains of several loved ones and then have one remembrance created using a mix of the cremated remains. Others have individual remembrances created for each one.

Much of the glass art on the market is mass-produced. Our pieces are individually hand-blown by master craftspeople. Incorporating the cremains requires even more time and care on the artisan's part to ensure that each unique remembrance receives the respect it deserves.

There are many descriptions and images associated with this legendary bird. The common belief is that the immortal Phoenix rises again from the ashes of its own funeral pyre every 300 to 1000 years, depending on the legend. The Phoenix is symbolic of rebirth, hope, eternity, and immortality. Please refer to our page to learn more about the history of the Phoenix.

We currently have our secure online merchant account set to accept payments automatically only from credit cards within the United States. Art From Ashes can make arrangements to accept international credit card payments over the phone (not on the Internet) on an individual basis. Because each country has its own regulations regarding the transportation of cremated remains, please check your country's postal restrictions to ensure that cremated remains may be transported via the mail. Once you are ready to place an order, please contact Art From Ashes, and we will coordinate the order process with you. Shipping prices vary by destination, so a shipping estimate will be calculated prior to placing an order. In addition to shipping costs, many countries also require additional fees, including customs, duties and import taxes; these fees can sometimes be exorbitant. These charges are not and cannot be included in the shipping estimate provided by Art From Ashes. Please note that you will not be able to claim your remembrance unless you pay the customs/import fees required by many countries.

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Look what they do with human ashes!!
Look what they do with human ashes!!
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