Cremation Laws in Texas

February 18, 2017
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Death is still a little-discussed subject in our culture today. Something many people suddenly find themselves having to face, without ever having openly considered what the death-care process is. Many funeral societies in Texas offer pre-planning services. If you have been recently bereaved and are faced with arranging a funeral, then US Funerals Online can help you locate the services you require.

Locating Texas Funeral Homes and Cremation Providers

There are 1951 Funeral Homes & cemeteries in Texas. We have organized our Texas funeral home directory into cities and categorized by zip code order. Rather than an alphabetical list, this enables you to find and compare Texas funeral homes in the zip code area you require. If you live in one of the main cities in Texas, there are quick links on the right-hand side of this page.

All funeral homes in Texas must be licensed and the Texas Funeral Service Commission (TFSC) serves to

protect the public and legislates the death care business in Texas.

What to do when a death occurs

It can be very daunting know what to do first when a death occurs. When a death occurs in Texas, the determination of death must be made by a coroner, Justice of the Peace, or attending physician. If the deceased had a prepaid funeral plan, or had expressed wishes, these can be implemented immediately and you will need to locate the paperwork and contact the appropriate funeral home or cremation provider.

If the death is sudden and/or the deceased had no funeral plan or life insurance, you may need to make some rather quick decisions about how to proceed.

Understanding funeral costs in Texas

Funeral homes are required to provide current retail price information by telephone. According to the law, any consumer entering a funeral home and making inquiries must be presented with a general price list (GPL). This must itemize the costs of funeral services and the merchandise for sale from a funeral director.

We often get asked ‘what is the cost of a funeral in Texas?’ and this is unfortunately not a straightforward question to answer. Unlike many other trades and professions, average service charges can vary significantly. The NFDA quote the national average funeral cost at $7, 755 (2012), however, this does not take into account any cemetery fees. It would be fair to say that the average traditional funeral in Texas can cost around $10, 000.

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laws cremation-brutal punishment(original)
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Laws Cremation! bataan scene......
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